Servitec degassing systems

The Servitec series offers reliable protection against gas problems in small and large systems – through the active degassing of even dissolved gases. To do so, a partial flow of water in the system is removed, degassed in the Servitec under vacuum and fed back into the system virtually gas-free. Automatically controlled ball valves guarantee a constant flow regardless of the pressure ratios in the system. The standard range is adequate for system volumes of up to 270 m³.

  • Servitec 25
    Suitable for offices and commercial buildings and technically demanding detached homes and apartment blocks.

    • Max. system volume: 2.5 m³ (5h/d) / 
      8 m³(24h/d)
    • Glycol: 2 m³ bei 24 h/d 8 m³
    • Feed-in capacity: 0,05 m³/h
    • Max. operating pressure: 2,5 bar
    • Perm. operating temperature: 70 °C

  • Servitec 35|60|75|95
    Variable operating pressure and major capacity. Even suitable for high-rise buildings and local heating or heating/cooling combined systems.

    • Max. system volume: 35/ 60–95:
      270 / 270 m³
    • Feed-in capacity: 35/ 60–95:
      0,7 / 0,7 m³/h
    • Max. operating pressure: 35|60|75|95: 2,5|4,5|5,4|7,2 bar
    • Perm. operating temperature: 70 °C


  • Servitec 30- 120 as a glycol-compatible version
    Due to an innovative nozzle and special software, this Servitec -gl version also overcomes water-glycol compounds, which are difficult to deaerate, like the ones used in undersoil heating, for example.

    • Max. system volume: 20 m³
    • Feed-in capacity: 0,7 m³/h
    • Max. operating pressure: 4,5 bar
    • Perm. operating temperature: 70 °C

  • Servitec special systems
    The capacity and equipment can vary here.
    They are designed and produced to meet special customer requirements and have proven themselves capacity in many district heating systems.

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