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Example solutions for heating and cooling systems

Focus on our strengths

In the recent past, Reflex Winkelmann GmbH has strategically realigned its products for the heating, cooling and plant engineering sectors. In terms of sales and marketing, we focus on solutions that consider the synergies between all Reflex products. Our aim is to combine the company's unique expertise, market oriented solutions and accompanying services. This results in outstanding advantages for our customers in a competitive environment.

Target on customer demands

Thanks to the close cooperation with Reflex, our customers receive everything they need to implement efficient solutions worldwide: personal consultancy, qualified design-support and full Customer Service. We ensure that our systems create solutions customers can rely on.


Heating of potable water

With its extra large heating surface and wide range of sizes, the Storatherm Aqua fits any heat generator - from gas boiler to heat pump. An efficient and water-saving system is created when completed with a Refix diaphragm pressure expansion vessel on the potable water side.


Storatherm Aqua storage water heater + Refix diaphragm pressure expansion vessel


Addition of make-up water and removal of gases from the water

The Reflexomat and Servitec complement each other perfectly in networking: The Servitec's total degassing operation is well suited to the efficiency required, but the system must work more precisely to ensure pressurization. That is exactly what the Reflexomat does with its gentle, versatile method of operation. Water is added using a Fillset, and free gases during filling and in operation are removed by the Exvoid T separator.


Reflexomat + Servitec + Fillset + Exvoid T separator


Pressure maintenance, compensation for expansion volume, water make-up and removal of gases from water

Over and above maintaining precise pressure, the Variomat waterside pump control enables the combined use of the depressurized expansion vessel for atmospheric degassing and controlled water make-up using the Fillset. Exvoid T air vents are ideal for ventilation.


Variomat + Fillset + Exvoid T Separator