Example solutions for large-scale systems and district heating systems

Task: Pressure maintenance and compensation for the expansion volume on the primary side

Solution: Variomat Giga + intermediate vessel(s)

High outputs and high pressures are the specialty of the Variomat Giga. Standard solutions are offered up to 30 MW and beyond that Reflex additionally offers non-standard solutions. Intermediate units are fitted upstream of the Variomat Giga in hot water networks. In all cases we recommend planning and design in conjunction with Reflex.

Task: Removal of dirt and sludge from water on the primary side

Solution: Exdirt separator

Reflex offers the Exdirt separators in steel and with an inspection hatch for use on the primary side.

Task: Water-make-up and removal of gases from water on the primary side

Solution: Servitec special systems

These systems operate in the same way as standard Servitec systems but their design underlines their extraordinary performance. Servitec special systems represent a genuine alternative to thermal degassing units and are also capable of degassing the make-up water directly. An installation like this essentially needs to be coordinated with professional experts on the operational side.