Example solutions for solar systems

Task: Pressure maintenance, compensating of the expansion volume

Solution: Reflex S diaphragm expansion vessels + intermediate vessel

Reflex S diaphragm expansion vessels have been specifically designed for the thermal impact that occurs in solar systems. Depending on the system, an intermediate vessel is recommended to prevent extreme high temperatures in the expansion vessel. Diaphragm expansion vessels are the best solution for solar systems, as they guarantee that the system operates fully even in the event of a power failure.

Task: Removal of gases, dirt and sludge from system water

Solution: Reflex Exvoid separators + Exvoid T for gases and Exdirt for dirt and sludge

Exvoid T for initial venting and Exvoid for operational deaeration are usually adequate for the majority of systems. In large branched systems the use of a Servitec vacuum degassing unit is more efficient. For all systems we strongly recommend the use of an Exdirt automatic dirt removal system.

Task: Storage of hot water

Solution: Storatherm buffer tanks
In Storatherm buffer tanks the solar heat can be stored without loss in times when it is not needed. By using an optional internal heat exchanger the tank can be integrated directly into the system. Alternatively external heat exchangers can be used.