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  • Optimales Anlagenwasser

    Die Wasserqualität von Heiz- und Kühlsystemen entscheidet über dessen Betriebssicherheit, Leistung und Energieeffizienz. Zeit, das Wasser als wichtigste Anlagenkomponente genauer zu betrachten. Welches Optimierungspotential im Wasser schlummert und wie wir das für effiziente Reflex Lösungen nutzen, erfahren Sie hier!

  • Trade fair highlights 2018

    Visit us at one of the many trade fairs in 2018.
    Our trade fair highlights in 2018 are: 

    SHK, Essen (06. - 09. March 2018)
    ifh, Nürnberg (10. -13. April 2018)

    Complete overview of our trade fairs.

  • Servitec Mini

    The Servitec Mini degasses the system water permanent and efficient. The result: long-term system safety and energy savings thanks to an optimized heat transfer.

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  • New standards for hot water tanks

    The second stage of the energy label duty, which was invented in 2015, starts at the 26.09.2017: Tougher minimum requirements and the omission of the classes G to D. Reflex is well prepared for this and offers hot water tanks, which fulfill these requirements.

    Further information.

  • Thinking solutions

    Reflex's strength is to think in terms of solutions. Reflex develops solutions that help you to move forward based on decades of experience, in-depth technical understanding and intimate knowledge of the industry!

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  • We make sure that everything fits

    You can find exemplary solutions here which have been derived from practical experience.

    Project solutions

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Reflex Pro
Take the easiest route to correct design and sizing: Reflex Pro is the proven, continuously developed software solution you can use...

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Diaphragm expansion vessels

The correct pressure is the fundamental requirement for the proper operation of water based heating, solar, cooling and pressure booster systems. Here the Reflex diaphragm expansion vessels offer a simple and smart solution. They are independent of electrical power and easy to operate. Inside the vessel a diaphragm seals the system water from the gas compartment. So diffusion of pressured gas into the water is prevented. The result is a fully closed system that does not suffer from corrosion or other gas-related problems.